Data Driven Next Gen Solutions Today’s Problems

Technologies power businesses today and AI/ML has been empowering every technology. Other than simply empowering technology AI/ML has been adopted by companies to increase operational efficiency, personalize customer experience, and in short to transform every aspect of their organization. AI/ML can be integrated into existing systems as well, from intelligent chatbots to automating ERPs and CRMs used within organizations. Every organization can leverage AI/ML to improve their business process. From eCommerce to manufacturing the possibilities are endless.

We have professionals who are well versed in Azure cognitive services, Amazon AI Services, Tensorflow, scikit-learn, PyTorch, Keras and more. We implemented practical AI/ML solutions such as NLP, Big data, recommendation engines for our clients across multiple industries.

Our AI/ML Development Services

By Being a pioneer among the AI/ML Development Services in India, we provide many AI/ML consulting services catering to many industries and sectors.

Natural Language Processing

Our NLP services are designed for capturing intelligence from conversations, getting data metrics such as decoding sentiments of customers from calls to understanding the expectations of the end customer. Our solutions can be integrated to products as well such as CRMs, ERPs and more. There is actionable data in every conversation and we have the ability to transform them into actionable business insights.

Predictive Analytics

When it comes to businesses, the best future is one which has been predicted. We combine different techniques such as data mining, statistics, data modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence and existing data to predict business outcomes. Predictive analytics can be used by businesses to gauge the market expectations and demands of products and services.

Computer Vision & Image Processing

Every business has a list of repetitive, predictable, and udance tasks which consume the time of multiple employees across verticals. Our robotic process automations solutions can help to better empower employees to be more productive, reduce human errors, simplicity and flexibility to improve the process as well.

Conversational AI

A conversational AI or a chatbot is a computer program which allows humans to interact with them with texts or numbers which are taken as inputs usually. The newer bots can extrapolate data from photos and transcript voice as well. Every business can leverage conversation AI by customizing one for their exact needs.

Recommendation Engine

Ecommerce sector has grown by leaps and bounds across the world, the potential for niche markets is still there even with the giants of industry still looming around. A recommendation engine can Ecommerce businesses to drive customer traffic, to deliver relevant listings to higher conversations rates.

Big Data

There are business opportunities hidden in the vast amounts of data out there, with big data companies can leverage this technology to identify trends and patterns of usage and consumption. Every business can gain insights and opportunities and fill the gaps in the market with respect to demands and expectations.