Leverage Data Like Never Before To Get Results Like Never Before

GIS has given us the ability to take on the toughest and most difficult challenges we face today, GIS has given us the ability to analyze large chunks of data with respect to its spatial location. GIS has proven to be a technology which has come to solve our biggest problems, such as managing and planning cities of the future.

Our GIS service helps our clients to get a better understanding of data, get actionable business intelligence to grow their business. We have GIS professionals who have worked with clients across multiple industries such as real estate companies, retail chains, and more. Our GIS developed services are specifically curated for startups to multinational companies to government agencies to maximize data metics.

Our GIS Development Services

By Being a pioneer among the GIS Development Companies in India, we provide many GIS development services catering to many industries and sectors.

  • Custom GIS development
  • GIS database design
  • 3D GIS services and modeling
  • Data capture and conversion
  • Geoprocessing and Geocoding

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Our GIS development services cater to solve the problems of operational and functional nature by providing custom solutions which cater to all the expectations and demands of our clients. We have successfully delivered solutions to real estate agencies, semi government agencies and more. We have the capability to develop solutions for more industries as well.


Governments have been the biggest user of GIS for the longest time, governments of all levels from the international levels to the local level. Other than being the biggest user, the government expanded the use to crime mapping, public transportation planning, natural resource and agriculture planning, city planning, utilities planning, and more.


Healthcare sector was the pioneer of GIS even before the technology became digital, GIS was used in 1854 London to map and control the spread of Cholera. Public health completely relies on GIS data to respond to disease outbreaks and help governments to make laws pertaining to healthcare within a country or region.

Advertising & Marketing

GIS can help organizations to improve the efficiency of their advertising and marketing activities. GIS can give organizations data about regional social metrics, regional economic metrics and demographics metrics as well. These data give business intelligence about the efficiency of individual products and services with respect to RoI on marketing and advertising.


The retail sector has successfully survived the disruption of ECommerce giants, in fact retail chains have seen a growth in terms of new locations and revenues. Retail chains have leveraged data to be more efficient when it comes choosing a location, inventory planning, sales planning and operational optimizations.


As 5G is getting implemented across the world, telecom companies are using GIS to select sites for tower installation to determine areas with maximize reach and revenues. With GIS technology, telecom companies select sites taking in multiple considerations such as number of pre-existing customers, population density, types of localities and more.

Supply Chain Management & Logistics

Logistics and supply chain management is a sector which is known for its low efficiency and performance leakages, companies have been using GIS to optimize routes, track shipments in real time, make changes to routes in real time and more. Rapid growth of ECommerce has made GIS a valuable technology to logistics and supply chain management.


The banking landscape has changed alot since the emergence of NBFCs (non-banking financial institutions), third party payments gateways, online banking and NFCs. The banking industry has made strategic choices with GIS, locations with the highest number of graduates, rates of car ownership are some of the metrics used by banks when it comes to opening a new branch or closing a new branch.