Open your business to the entire world, across oceans and borders

eCommerce has revolutionized many industries starting from manufacturing, logistics, retail to more niche businesses. As the internet is level playing field, eCommerce has given the niche and small businesses to compete with the giants of the industry on the same platform. As businesses evolve, the technology associated with eCommerce has also changed, along with the products and services, our eCommerce services cater to the end user and the business. Our eCommerce developers leverage design, technology, aesthetics and storytelling to create memorable and user friendly eCommerce websites.

We have considerable experience in developing, revamping, scaling up and redesigning eCommerce websites. Our expertise also covers the flow of eCommerce websites which is significantly different from other websites. Such as being respisvies across devices, being SEO friendly to be competitive, easy to navigate and use and more.

Our Ecommerce Development Services

Our Ecommerce development services cater to many aspects of operating and maintaining an eCommerce website, feel free to contact us for any of the below-mentioned services or send a custom query if your requirement is not mentioned below.

ECommerce Website Development

We can build a user-centric eCommerce website that tells a story of the brand and its products all while maintaining peak technical excellence.

ECommerce Integration

If you already have a website for business and if you wish to integrate ECommerce functionalities, we can do that without starting from scratch.

ECommerce Website Redesign

We have designers and design engineers who can give your ECommerce website a complete makeover making it aesthetically memorable and user friendly.

ECommerce Payment Gateway Integration

Expand the reach of your business by giving your customers the ability to pay online, choose between multiple payment gateways.

ECommerce Website Maintenance

This service is aimed at customers who wish to add new features and functionalities, design revamp, or scale up their ECommerce websites.

ECommerce Marketplace Development

From creating brand stories to customizing the website, in this service we provide a holistic strategy to grow your ECommerce website exponentially.

ECommerce Platforms

We have expertise with multiple Ecommerce development Platforms, each of them different in form and functions. By understanding the requirements, expectations and demands of our clients we choose the best option for them, below are some of the platforms we have expertise in.


The most popular and most used platform is one of the easiest to use and set up. It can be integrated into multiple plugins, which increases functionality and customer satisfactions as well. Shopify is always one of the platforms which understands the importance of aesthetics as well. It comes with a rich UI and a highly customizable UX. Shpify has earned a reputation as a platform for being a safe and secure choice as well. On the business side of things, Shopify is incredibly SEO friendly, has exceptional page loading speeds, and comes bundled with multiple marketing tools running from SEO analytics to email marketing tools.


A performance oriented and feature rich ECommerce platform which is open source and is the fastest growing ECommerce platform in the world. Magento is highly customizable when compared with other platforms, from being adaptable to multiple languages, currencies and design expectations. Of all the platforms out there, Magento is the most customizable, its customizability is skewed towards sales more than aesthetics. It comes with a highly advanced search filtration system as well, multiple product tags, received viewed tag, compare tabs, and advanced tag filters as well, showing its intent of being a business and user centric eCommerce platform.


WooCommerce is a simple and easy to use ECommerce platform, but it can be the most complicated as well as it supports more than 400 official extensions, after these extensions there hundreds of third party plugins as well. WooCommerce is the most used ECommerce platform on the web as it is very affordable and flexible, as the business grows more and more features can be added. Since most of the extensions are developed by WooCommerce themselves, they are stable and the integration is always flawless. Since WooCommerce, it is considered to be always up to date with all the latest technologies.


PrestaShop has been the favorite ECommerce platform of small and medium businesses. The platform is a combination of easy to use functionalities, affordable, scalable, supports multiple payment and languages and more. PrestaShop comes with more than 1500 templates for design and navigation, which gives each and every Ecommerce portal an individual and unique design. PrestaShop is uniquely optimized for performance, scalability and performance, making them perfect for small and medium businesses. PrestaShop is sustained by an open source platform called “WeCommerce” community. The community is incredibly active which has facilitated the rapid growth of the platform.

DeepnetSoft’s ECommerce Development Process

Requirement Gathering

Understand the client's end goal, long term goals and short term goals. Define the technologies and resources required.

Finalize the Engagement Model

After understanding the project, come to a consensus on an engagement model which doesn't compromise on the delivery quality or date.

Project Scope Assessment

Define the set of processes that ensure a project’s success, include hours, resources and the end goals.

Resource Allocation

Allocates resources from each department and delegates the tasks within the process.

Project Kickoff

Prepare the individual team members on the client’s expectations, communication, and collaboration for the project.

Daily/weekly Updates

Have a report activity on a daily or weekly basis, depending on the client or project, this gives everyone an idea about where they and tasks are in the process.