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ERPs have a staple software of every company, the size of the company or the sector of which it belongs to, does not matter anymore. EPRs can streamline complex business processes by integrating multiple functions of a business such as supply chain, inventory, sales, accounting, human resources and more. The centralization of data, projects and workflows can lead to discovery of better opportunities with respect to reducing loopholes, better resource allocation and expansion of the business itself. The implementation of an ERP translates to the agile business environment instead of clumsy and cluttered business processes.

We have a long history of designing and implementing custom ERP solutions for clients for all organizational sizes. Our EP experts understand the client’s business, the client’s business process, and the client’s expectations to develop a solution which caters to all their needs. With an ERP organizations can automate more and do less, empower employees and expand business, improve communications and reduce useless complexities. ERPs can connect departments within an organization on multiple levels from communications to invoice processing. With ERPs organizations become more efficient with better business processes through fully leveraging their inhouse resources and human capital.

Our Custom ERP Development Services

There are different ERPs in the market, although they may seem similar, all of them cater to different kinds of businesses and target specific functionalities of an organization. Below are the popular with whom we have experience and expertise in.


Odoo ERP has become a popular choice for small to medium organizations and startups, Odoo is known for its customizability, easy implementation and easy migration. Odoo is also one of few ERPs who have fully leveraged the power of automation as well. Even though many features and functionalities of Odoo are targeted towards eCommerce organizations, the ERP has managed to gain widespread exception due to its many advantages such as easy integrations and a low learning curve. As mentioned above, Odoo ERP comes with many must-have eCommerce functionalities such as inventory, logistics, finance, and automated accounting.

Our Odoo Based Services

Odoo UI/UX Development

If you are tired of Odoo layout and the constant addition of new features has left user experience much to be desired? We can help you there with our considerable experience and expertise in designing custom Odoo UI/UX experiences.

Odoo Integration

One of the best reasons to choose Odoo is for their integration capabilities, but things are easier said than done. With our Odoo integration services, you get the best of both worlds, with zero data and functionality losses.

eCommerce Services

So you have chosen the best ERP for eCommerce organizations, so what’s next? DeepnetSoft can help your organization's workflow to be fully integrated into the Odoo environment so you can leverage all the functionalities of Odoo.

Odoo Cloud Deployment

DeepnetSoft is an organization with expertise in multiple cloud environments such as Microsoft's Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform. We can successfully deploy, integrate your Odoo solutions into the clouds for maximum scalability and performance.


One of the giants of the ERP environment, Bitrix24 gained a reputation as a ERP which could be used as a CRM or if not as one of the best CRMs which is cocooned inside a ERP solution. Bitrix24 prides itself as a collaboration software, but its biggest advantage is its ability to perform critical tasks such as sales, marketing, project management and more. If Odoo ERP is targeted towards e Commerce organizations, then Bitrix24 is targeted towards organizations where collaboration and communication is paramount. Bitrix24 can introduce a culture of productivity and accountability into any organization which uses it.

Our Bitrix24 Based Services

Bitrix24 Cloud Deployment

DeepnetSoft is a company with vast experience in cloud migration services, we can help your organization to deploy your Bitrix24 to public, private or hybrid cloud. When talking about public clouds, we have expertise in AWS, Azure and GCP deployments.

Bitrix24 Customization

Bitrix24 is a market leader in ERP due to their flexibility. We can help you to leverage Bitrix24 by developing a custom Bitrix24 which can cater to all of your organization's expectations and demands.

Custom Module Development

If you are already using Bitrix24 and feel like you are missing something, our Bitrix24 experts and developers can develop a custom module which solves your problem while integrating into your existing solutions without disturbing any other functionalities.

Bitrix24 Integrations

Bitrix24 can be integrated with multiple third party services, in fact Bit24 can be integrated with at least 200 third party softwares ranging from G Suite to wordpress. Our Bitrix24 integrations services can develop the Bitrix24 solutions which perfectly suit your needs.


A leader in the ERP environment for the past 10 years, Zoho has come a long way from being an online service which provided documents and spreadsheet editing online. Zoho CRM has placed themselves as the premier CRM for generating sales and leads. The ERP comes with a lot of features and functionalities for the same from tracking potential interests from social media to websites and to targeted marketing modules. Zoho has become the default choice for sales and leads generation software for organizations across different sectors. Adding appealing visuals and AI powered assistants, Zoho is the most advanced open source ERP in the market.

Our Zoho Based Services

Zoho Campaigns

Every business will need a marketing campaign as unique as their clients, we can develop custom Zoho campaigns which attract solid leads with maximum ROI. A targeted marketing campaign with specific platforms, memorable UI/UX is vital for attracting the right kind of leads.

Zoho Creator Development Services

Zoho comes with Zoho creator which is a low code platform which can be used to create custom modules, our Zoho experts can leverage the platform to create one off modules which caters to all your requirements.

ZOHO App Development Services

Customize and curate your Zoho platforms with DeepnetSoft’s Zoho development services to further leverage the Zoho platforms to your cloud, mobile devices and more. We can also integrate Zoho with third party applications such as Paypal, Quickbooks and more.

Zoho Customization Services

Zoho platform can be customized to meet the needs of a variety of organizations from a car dealership to a multinational company. To leverage the maximum potential of the platform, DeepnetSoft has the experience and expertise to customize the platform to meet your needs.