Covid 19 has cemented its place in the hearts and minds of generations of people across the world. The business and people are at loggerheads about social distancing and masks, there is a sense of urgency on one side and a sense of caution on the other. The fight of Covid has become a battle between life and livelihood and businesses have started to evolve as well. Experience delivering businesses such as movie theatres, bars, restaurants, and gyms have changed their business model not only for the current pandemic but also for the next one. As people have adopted working from home as a viable form of employment, e-commerce has replaced shopping, such as grocery, vegetables, and meats. Bulk buying has become an acceptable form of shopping as well. Pandemic and the behaviours of consumers have set a precedence for future businesses and here are some of my observations. The term “new normal” has left behind behaviour that will drive consumer interactions with brands online. As stores were closed, brands continued to interact online and customers returned their attention likewise.

  • Businesses having a niche product can stand out in this environment, now having a niche product is a double-edged sword, one side being a limited demographic and the brighter side being a standout by using DeepnetSoft’s E-commerce services. We use Magento to leverage the e-commerce capabilities and our marketing activities to make sure that your brand reaches your demographics. For a real-world example, gardening-related e-commerce sites saw a growth of 200% during the pandemic.
  • Have enough inventory, with leveraging the best technologies for your e-commerce website, inventory management becomes a breeze. With analytics, the business can get insights into what products move and what product collects dust in the warehouse.
  • Having multiple payment options, this is important as in some countries Cash-on-delivery is the standard way of online shopping. Understand the market dynamics to integrate into the hearts and minds of the geographical area.

So lockdowns are over bit by bit and you are not a business that doesn’t have a niche product, so how can you leverage e-commerce for your business. Grocery e-commerce, pharmaceutical e-commerce, shelf-stable e-commerce, and Subscription services e-commerce. Local e-commerce has seen a huge growth in the world, this can trickle down into each and every business when the card is played correctly. So how and why e-commerce is a good game to try now? Lets the see numbers to see why

  • 56% of consumers have tried a new retailer during the pandemic
  • 18% of consumers have tried curb side pickup for the first time over the COVID-19 period
  • 36% of consumers have experienced substantial shipping delays due to COVID-19
  • Ecommerce sales are forecasted to have increased 32.4% in 2020 with brick-and-mortar forecasted to fall 3.2%
  • Best Buy saw the largest YoY e-commerce sales growth in 2020 (105.5%), followed by Target (103.5%) and Kroger (79.2%)
  • Amazon saw 39.1% year-over-year sales growth in 2020

How can DeepnetSoft help you and your business? DeepnetSoft with its partners lay the foundation for your business from the ground up. From branding to setting up an e-commerce portal right up to payment getaways. DeepnetSoft has helped many clients across the years to realize their e-commerce dreams.

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